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The Escape

The Escape


Soul Cage
The Escape 3/3
By Darren Bailey LRPS

Many thousands of years have passed since our evil soul was captured and imprisoned within its mystical cage , hour by hour day by day year by year the evil of this soul chipped away at the magic's containing it within the cage until eventually it breaks free bursting from its magical prison with all the rage and hatred of thousands of years of containment ....

Art created using a Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 18-105vr @ f8 1/8 second

This piece is three of three.
Please be sure to see one and two.

Also used

Manfrotto lighting panels
A Ornamental bird cage
Methylated spirit
Ammonium Dichromate (to create the streaks in the fire)
A sprinkle of imagination
A lung full of puff to blow the burning Ammonium Dichromate around.


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