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How this piece was created
Outside The Box


I took one old and no longer required TV and stripped it of its inner components while leaving the screen intact (This was difficult as I had to break the tube without destroying the screen) the screen was required in order to reflect my out stretched hand.
Lighting panels were placed inside the shell of the TV this was important as the light needed to emanating from within the TV as though it was working otherwise the piece would not look right.
Many test shots were made to accurately gauge the right position for the overall effect of the piece and also the ability to see the reflection of my outstretched hand in the screen I so carefully retained.
My outfit was chosen carefully as the T shirt is a TV series reference.
The TV outer shell was doused in Methylated spirit and in places Lighter fluid (For the orange flame) I donned my gas mask (representing air pollution) ignited the TV stretched my had to the screen and fired the remote. 


If only people cared as much about the planet and what is going on in the world as they did about their favourite TV show !!

As our world is poisoned and destroyed by large corporations and governments that are paid by those corporations , as war after war by corrupt nations on those unable to defend themselves and millions die needlessly the masses continue to sit in front of the TV reaching out for its propaganda and state controlled information believing everything it tells them without reservation or research.

The air we breathe , the water we drink and the ground in which we grow our food continues to be poisoned …. But this is " Normal " because I am told it is ……………………….

Mass media is the most powerful tool used by the ruling class to manipulate the masses. It shapes and molds opinions and attitudes and defines what is normal and acceptable

creative environmental art by Darren Bailey LRPS
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