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Biography By Darren Bailey LRPS


Hello to anyone reading, this profile is about me and my attempts to get my artworks seen and taken seriously within the world of art.

My Qualifications Include Licentiate of the Royal Photographic society and a National Diploma in the photographic arts.


My Name is Darren Bailey LRPS and I was born in Crawley in the UK in 1972 My given name at birth was Darren James Plumridge and later changed at Marriage although this is not the normal convention it was a choice, sadly my beautiful wife  later left and the name stayed.

The following emotional turmoil brought forth by this void created in my life then contributed to much art works and to a certain extent the path I then chose.


As a photographic based artist it is sometimes a little difficult to get taken seriously, because I am using a camera instead of a brush, a pencil, or a sculptors chisel as soon as anyone from the art world hears the word "Photography" they instantly switch off and label me simply a "Photographer" and conversely those that consider themselves a "Real photographer" do not take you seriously unless you are producing images of little birdies, landscapes and weddings so I find myself in a little bit of a predicament.


In my works I have set out to try and change this paradigm by creating something unique and unusual to show that photography and art can indeed meet and even co exist, to prove once and for all to the traditionalists and the nay sayers that photographic art does exist and its very much here for you to enjoy.


Being a Pagan artist much of my works are based on Pagan and environmental issues though I have approached many subjects with my art and this continues to evolve all the time.


The way in which I have set out to try and change the view of photography within the world of art is to combine my creative process with my photography skill, when I am creating a new piece I do not set out with my camera to some idyllic location find something of interest press the shutter release and then process the hell out of the image.

My creative process starts long before the camera is in hand for which the inspiration can come from anywhere , a phrase, a song lyric, history , environmental disasters, politics and so on it really can just appear in my crazy mind from the most unlikely of places.

My artworks can take hours ,days or even weeks  to plan and prepare prior to set up before the final moment of creation, To achieve my desired goal I use much more than a camera and some imagination I use backdrops, varied lighting, fire, water, varied chemicals , smoke  , props, dirt  and so on the list is endless.

when I create my works they are created alongside a strong underlying narrative that goes hand in hand with what I am producing  and yet in the art itself creates impact and emotion from the offset without really needing to read the accompanying narrative.

The definition of art as published in the Oxford English Dictionary -:


"The expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, typically in a visual form such as painting or sculpture, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power"


                                                          -: "Typically in a visual form"


My works and the process used are most certainly a "Visual Form" and for certain contain an "Emotional Power" as laid out in the official definition.


And so my struggle for acceptance within the echelons of the art world continue.


My Artists Statement


My artworks take a critical view of such things as worldwide governance and their insidious hunger for control, hidden agendas, conspiracy, current affairs, historical atrocities , religious fable, pain, anguish and environmental destruction.

Having engaged subjects as diverse as the religious wars of the Knights Templar, emerging political freedom fighters and global environmental destruction , my work incorporates familiar visual elements, arranging them into new conceptually created pieces.


I seek to engage with conscious thinkers and those that are connected to the earth, the economics of the environment and humanity.

In the hope to bring to them a different perspective or alternate understanding of things in which they may already be familiar.


My methods are ultimately photographic in nature but will include the construction and the setup of the piece prior to creation.

During this process I use such things as methylated spirit, Ammonium Dichromate, Lighter fluid, smoke pellets, wire wool, costumes and many other elements and objects that make my works unique.

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