When there is no other choice
Your War is not for me
The Evil Shadow of surveillance
Love the world you're with
The Devil Incarnate b
We are Legion
Spoils of war
Key to the beast within
Inner Disturbance
Rivers of blood (2)
Time war and Rothchilds
Three Minutes left
Primary Objectives
Inciduos Captive
Political Handshake
The Messenger
The look on our world with envious eyes
Planetary Annihilationb
I Aint no Angel
for your protection FINAL
One for the road
The Fuse has been Lit
Fire from the Sky
Expect US !
Environmental Annhialation (2)b
Endangered Species
Drums of War
doomsday clock 3 11 59
doomsday clock 1 11 57
Bring Us Hope