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How this piece was created
When The water Disappears


During the thought process of this environmental piece it was important to me that the tap that I used was a very traditional looking tap , the reason for this is that within the mind of most people when thinking of a tap this traditional style is the first thought so to get this instant recognition without having to analyse the piece too much it was important for me to go this route as I wanted to create a piece that does not require a large narrative yet tells an instant story.
My next step was to figure out what I could use as a substitute for water from the tap as the idea of this piece is that the earth's water has disappeared ( or been all used up ) for this I decide to use smoke as a water substitute as this mimics the water quite well and yet symbolises its disappearance.
with this decided I now had to find a way to make the smoke flow from the like water would do.
I achieved this by mounting the tap to a pasting board that I had cut a hole into so that the taps inlet was now accessible to me from beneath the table , once this was in place I then built up the dirt around the tap this of course resembling the earth, after getting this just right I then spent much time getting my lighting correct so that there was just enough emphasis on the earth while highlighting the tap and the smoke that will be emanating from the tap itself.
To get the tap to have running smoke instead of the more usual running water I placed a smoke pellet beneath the table directly underneath the tap so that the smoke would be pushed up the tap and flow out above the table where the piece has been set up.
as the smoke flowed from the tap it was fairly messy and uncontrolled leading to something that I had not planned on and did not wish , time to rethink.
One cup of tea later I had an idea and proceeded to repeat the process as before only this time a had a small hand fan in place to help me manipulate the smoke into the directions that I had envisaged when I set out to create this piece.
This time it all came together and the piece was finalised.
When The Water Disappears

creative environmental art by Darren Bailey LRPS
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