Your War is not for me



What lies within your soul b

We are Legion


Unknown weapons of War

Uma and Siva

Time war and Rothchilds

Time Destroys

The Wild Hunt b

The Scream of Nature

The Rose of Paracelsus

The Phoenix Feather c

The Offering

The Mystical Chalice (3)

The Mark of Chronos

The Jinn Within

The infinate Hourglass

The Impact of the  Inquisition

The Hitchiker (2)

The Healing Fire

The Fuse has been Lit

The fire of Foiros

The Devil Incarnate

The Consultation of Odin


Temporal Eruption

Tartinis dream

Summoning Jinn

Stingy Jack

Soul Cage The Escape

Soul Cage Imprisoned Soul

Soul Cage Forging The Cage

Shiva the destroyer


Playing with fire

Perspectives Heaven & Hell



Pagan Spirit

Pagan Desire

outside the box

Only Human

One for the road

No mans land

Natures Scream

Love you dealt a Bitter Blow

Love the world you're with

Light and Dark .... Choose-2

Knights of Hell

Key to the beast within

J Higham Ltd Instrumental History

Inciduos Trap


Iblis (2)

I Aint no Angel

Hells Key

Heart of the flame

Greek Fire

Genisis Fruit



Firestarter 2b

fires of time

Fires of time V2

Fire Demon of Muspelheim

Fanatical Perversion of Faith

Fallen Warrior of Nature

Environmental Murder

Environmental Annihilation

Environmental Annhialation

Endangered Species

Elements of the pentacle-001

Electric Boogaloo

Dying embers

Drums of War

doomsday clock 3 11 59

doomsday clock 2 11 58

doomsday clock 1 11 57

Demons of the Heart

Demons Consume

Demon Tears

Deception and Greed-001

Dance me to your beauty

Dance Me to the End of Love

Crown of thorns

Continue Without Fear

Burn Blood and Salvation

Blind Faith and Hatred

Baphomet 2


An Eye Full of Sound (Synaesthesia)

Agent Orange


1966 year of the Fire Horse


666 The Identity of Man

33rd degree-002

6 The Hatching

5 Two Headed Neak

4 Volcanic Warmth

3,3 Two into one

3 Protection

2,3 Fire Writer

2 Incubation

1,3 The Mind of the Artist

1 Draconian Wicca