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My artworks take a critical view of such things as worldwide governance and their insidious hunger for control, hidden agendas, conspiracy, current affairs, historical atrocities , religious fable, pain, anguish and environmental destruction.

Having engaged subjects as diverse as the religious wars of the Knights Templar, emerging political freedom fighters and global environmental destruction , my work incorporates familiar visual elements, arranging them into new conceptually created pieces.


I seek to engage with conscious thinkers and those that are connected to the earth, the economics of the environment and humanity.

In the hope to bring to them a different perspective or alternate understanding of things in which they may already be familiar.


My methods are ultimately photographic in nature but will include the construction and the setup of the piece prior to creation.

During this process I use such things as methylated spirit, Ammonium Dichromate, Lighter fluid, smoke pellets, wire wool, costumes and many other elements and objects that make my works unique.

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