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Impact of the Inquisition , ART by DarrenBaileyArt

Impact of the Inquisition , ART by DarrenBaileyArt


The Impact of The Inquisition
Darren Bailey LRPS

During the Inquisition, The Church lapsed into a long period of torture and conducted itself in the most heinous fashion. More people were killed for being label pagan or witch that died during the Holocaust. During this time the pentagram was seen a Goat’s Head or the Devil in the form of Baphomet. It was Baphomet whom the Inquisition accused the Templars of worshipping. And their order was disbanded. Many Knights of the order refused to give up their beliefs, opting to meet in secret and hide their knowledge from the public. A custom that is still practised today.

Piece created using a Nikon D90 and a Sigma 150mm f2.8 macro , an altar pentagram and some methylated spirit.

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