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Eye of the Goddess

Eye of the Goddess


The Eye of the Goddess
By Darren Bailey LRPS

How this piece was created 

Items used

Barbed wire
Crystal ball

I purchased a length of barbed wire and spend many hours  shaping it into an eye shape, and much blood and many plasters later it was created, I set up my backdrop and Manfrotto LED lighting panels ready for use and placed the barbed wire eye shape on my setting table infront of the black backdrop , once in place and secure I placed the crystal ball in the centre of my creation to act as the eyeball  ( getting this in just the right place was a bit of a mission with many adjustments and constant checks through the camera) 
The last element was to add a sparkler behind the crystal ball , the angle of this sparkler was important as the fire element needed to be going in the right direction and the effect through the crystal ball was to look like an eye. 
Once everything was in place  and the lighting was turned on I lit the sparkler and shot the piece.
The Eye of the Goddess was created.

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