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Do Not Fear

Do Not Fear


Do Not Fear
By Darren Bailey LRPS

Do Not Fear the skull..
Skulls represent the power of wisdom and , even the power of death and release. 

They are a reminder that our time on this planet is short and we would be wise to use it well.
The skull carries not only the power of wisdom, but a terrible warning. 
Those who seek power and abuse it shall be consumed by it.

not everyone who puts a skull on a shrine is evil and sinister. There are plenty who walk the path of paganism with honour, wisdom and kindness. 

Do not be fearful of an object as sacred as the skull. 

It is the individual you must observe.

Created using a Nikon D90 and a Nikkor 18-105vr

Also used

Black backdrop
Smoke pellet
Black cloak
Remote release
Manfrotto LED Light panels
Lighter fluid


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