When the water disappears
Tears of the forest
Pagan Spirirt
In The Name of Faith
Frequency of the Universe
Evoking Elementals
Earth Warrior , voices
Dance me to your beauty
Do Not Fear-2
Earth Warrior , Natures Soldier b
Earth Warrior , Fighting for the Earth
Richard Stanton's forgotten violin
Contact with Other Realms
Burn Blood and Salvation
Devil Went Down To Georgia mk
Playing with fire
Summer of 69
The Hitchiker (2)
Your War is not for me
Summoning Jinn
The infinate Hourglass
We are Legion
Fanatical Perversion of Faith
Unknown weapons of War
Your War is not for me
Drums of War
Three Minutes left
Lycanthropy (2)
2 Incubation
Doomsday Clock 11:59
Planetary Annihilationb
Religious order
Primary Objectives
Outside the box (2)
Your War is not for me